Faculty Of Tourism and Hotels

Faculty Council

Prof.Dr. Abeer Ahmed Atya - Vice Dean for Education and Student Affair and Faculty Dean

Prof.Dr. Heba Mahmoud Saad  - Vice Dean for Graduate Studies and Research

Prof.Dr. Hala Abd Elmonem Helaly - Vice Dean for Community Service and Environmental Development​​​

Prof.Dr. Hanan Soliman Elassar           Tourism Studies Department Chief

Prof.Assis.Dr. Jailan Eldemerdash        Hotels Studies Department Chief

Prof.Assis.Dr. Dina Ezz El-Din            Tourism Guidance Department Chief

Departments professors representatives:

Prof.Dr.Gamal Abd El-Razek              Tourism Guidance Professors Representative

Prof.Dr. Mona Barakat                         Hotels Studies Professors Representative

​​Prof.Dr. Nashwa Fouad Attallah          Tourism Studies Professors Representative                  

Prof. Assis.Dr. Samar Elkasrawy        Professors Assistants Representatives

Dr. Hossam Said Shehata                     Instructors Representatives

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