Faculty Of Tourism and Hotels

Administrative Departments

1.Mr. Osama Gaber Nour                       Faculty Secretary

2.Mr. Ibrahim Mohamed Ibrahim             Undergraduates Affairs Department Supervisor and Chief 

 3. Mrs. Heba Ahmed Ibrahim          Cultural Relationships and Research Department Supervisor and Chief

4.  Mrs. Wafaa Mohamed Abd El-Moteleb    Youth Care Department Supervisor

5.Mr. Adel Hussein Khamis                  Statistics and Support Department Chief

6. Ms. Hala Zaher Helmy                     Graduates Department Supervisor

  7. Mr. Essam Hassan Abd Ellatif               Administrative Affairs Department Supervisor and Chief

8.  Mrs. Ebtsam Mohamed Farag               Library Department Supervisor and Chief

9. Mr. Khaled Mostafa Elnahhasn            Graduates Department Chief

10.  Mr. Mostafa Ibrahim Abd-Rabou      Archiving Department Chief  

11.  Mr. Mohamed Elsayed Mostafa           Stores Department Chief

12.  Mrs. Iman Mohamed Moustafa            Retirement Department Chief

13. Mrs. Mona Mahmoud Basiony              Conferences Department Chief 

14.  Mrs. Safaa Mohamed Elsafi                 Community Service and Environmental Development​​ Department Chief

15. Mrs. Amal Mohamed Hussien     Chief of Vice-Dean for Community Service and Environmental Development office 

16. Mrs. Hanan Sayed Gomaa                         General Affairs Department Chief

17. Mr. Mahmoud Elsayed Attia                 Technical affairs Department Chief

18. Mr. Ashraf Mohamed Eldawoudy            Staff Affairs Department Supervisor

19. Mrs. Heba Mohamed Selim              Postgraduates Affairs Department Chief

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