Faculty Of Tourism and Hotels

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I would like to welcome you in Faculty of Tourism and Hotels- Alexandria University. It is one of the leading educational institutions in the field of tourism in Egypt and the Middle East. Our primary mission is to achieve “leadership and excellence in tourism education” through a commitment to achieve excellence in teaching and scientific research as well as communicating tourism industry.

Faculty of tourism and Hotels is characterized by its cadre of staff members and their assistants of academic and practical experience in the fields of tourism, hospitality and tour guiding. There is no doubt that depending on these specialized cadres provides our students with a competitive advantage in all disciplines.

The educational atmosphere presented by the Faculty is characterized, in addition to academic aspects, by achieving communication and integration with industry. The presented educational environment keens on providing students with scientific and technical experience which makes them closely related to word field and provides them with great distinct and integral practical experience.

I would also like to assert that Faculty of Tourism and Hotels keens on continuous development and progress. This development appears in the character of the distinguished and ambitious students who are chosen by the Faculty. It is also shown in the quality of the presented academic programs, in our ability to invent new forms of learning through provision of the latest technology industry, in our continuous communication with industry and in the scientific researches that contribute in identifying management and practical practices in industry. This is besides our excellence in our academic curriculum, teaching, scientific activities and students services.

Faculty of Tourism and Hotels goes on relentlessly approaching its adopted achievement of continuous excellence and development. Undoubtedly, the opportunity of studying at the Faculty cares, in addition to providing an excellent educational opportunity, for contributing in forming a graduate provided with excellent scientific experience which provides high competitive opportunity in labor market.

Prof. Dr./ Abeer Ahmed Attia

Faculty Dean

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