Course objectives

The aim of course is that students be able to:

  • Exploring fundamentals of food and beverage service
  • Studying food safety and sanitation during service process
  • Studying customer-related services such as customer relations
  • Assessing marketing strategy for a successful restaurant
  • Studying professionalism in managing /training human resources who are working in restaurants

Course schedule

  • Course is extended for (4-6) weeks / 24hours as a total time frame
  • 1 lecture per week
  • (4-6) hours per lecture

Course study fields

Restaurant management training course is covering many areas that student can make use of during working in restaurant service career

Managing restaurant operations

  • Purchasing, receiving and storing procedures
  • Employee scheduling and shift planning
  • Managing service

Managing exceptional service

  • Principles of customers' relations
  • Preventing customers' complaints
  • Handling customers' complaints / feed back

Managing Marketing efforts

  • Marketing promotions
  • Local store marketing

Managing employees

  • Employees' administrations polices
  • Conducting performance evaluation
  • Managing employees relations

Training and development

  • Employees' orientation, training and skills development

Providing leadership

  • Effective communication
  • Team building and motivation

Etiquette in restaurants service

Seminar and student evaluation

Course outcomes

After studying the course, the students can

  • Differentiate among types of food and beverage service in restaurants
  • Distinguish the different equipment which are used in restaurant service
  • Understand the critical importance of safety and sanitation issues during food and beverage handling
  • Understanding the importance of customer service
  • Make professional marketing strategy that gains competitive advantage for the restaurant
  • Manage, train and control staff/personnel